Sámi Handicraft Journeyman

Upper Level Specialty in Sámi Handicraft: Journeyman

A student who has previously graduated with an undergraduate 3-year vocational qualification in Sámi handicrafts may be a suitable candidate for this upper level specialty in Sámi handicrafts.

The advanced level Sámi Handicraft Journeyman training program ensures that at the end of the program students are familiar with Sámi handicrafts (duodji), traditions, materials and development. The significance of Sámi handicrafts in culture and the value of the natural environment in product manufacture is enforced. Students learn the prerequisites for doing business and are experienced with customer service, pricing products, marketing them, product liability, and product safety. In addition to traditional knowledge and principals, students will utilize new technology in the acquisition of information according to their specific degree and curriculum.




180 credits


Jatkuva haku




Graduates of the Sámi Handicraft Journeyman program:

  • design and manufacture products with traditional and modern designs.
  • recognize the qualities of materials and know how to pre-treat them, for example, drying wood, tanning leather, plant dyeing, and felting.
  • are competent in machines and equipment use and their maintenance.
  • are aware of the importance of ergonomics and occupational safety
  • will have presented their work in the language of their choice orally and in writing, and also orally in Sámi.
  • participate in careers in designing, manufacturing, advising, and marketing Sámi handicrafts.

    Passing the degree requires oral knowledge of Sámi language.
    A professional qualification in Sámi handicraft can be obtained in clothing or handicrafts.

Expert in Sámi Apparel, 180 credits

Required examination 30 credits
Skills for the Sámi Handicraft Common to all 30 credits
Optional Degree Elements 90 credits
Sámi traditional dress and accessories 90 credits
Leather and fur work 90 credits
Optional Degree Elements 30 credits
Sámi traditional dress and accessories 30 credits
Optional leather and fur product 30 credits
Weaving and braiding 30 credits
Special Techniques 30 credits
Floor loom weaving 30 credits
Machine knitting 15 osp
Leather sewing machine 15 osp
Business Entrepreneurship 15 credits

Expert in the Design of Sámi Handicraft Objects, 180 credits

Required examination part 30 credits
Skills for Sámi Handicrafts Common to all 30 credits
Optional Degree Elements 120 credits
Mentoring 60 credits
Woodwork 60 credits
Bone and Antler 60 credits
Root 60 credits
Tools 60 credits
Transport equipment 60 credits
Jewelry work 15 credits
Business Entrepreneurship 15 credits

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