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The Sámi Education Institute (SAKK) is a vocational college with a central role in developing the needs of its people and the Arctic region. It is the only indigenous people's institute of post-secondary trade school education in Finland, located above the Arctic Circle, with three campuses in the homeland of the Sámi. The institution organizes multidisciplinary contact-based and distance virtual education classes, workshops, and degree programs for young adults and mature students. The core curriculum supports the livelihoods of the Sámi with emphasis on the development of the Sámi languages ​​and Sámi cultures, to promote nature-based occupations and employment.

The Sámi Education Institute encourages partnerships with national and international networks in preserving and developing the education of indigenous cultures and livelihoods in the circumpolar north. Prospective foreign colleagues are invited to contact us to discuss how we may assist in the advancement of study trips and research projects. Our administration staff are available to guide you in logistics and other invoiceable services that the institute may offer.

All educational programs, courses, and workshops are taught in Finnish and/or Sámi. Occasionally, other languages of instruction may be used.

Students are well taken care of at the Sámi Education Institute. Friendly environment. Awesome education. Learn and flourish.
High quality education. We learned expert skill levels studying in the Traditional Sámi Handicrafts program. Classroom and workshop equipment and environment were good.
The Municipality of Inari is a gorgeous region. I want to stay here and relax after my studies are complete.